I was experiencing a block in my business that I was not able to overcome on my own. Being an energy  worker myself, I noticed when I was talking about my product there were parts I felt disconnected with. I was having trouble reaching my clients and my entire business halted.

Mihai helped me to get clarity on who I am working with. He helped to bring me in alignment with my audience and express my full passion in my products. I feel that the fog is out of my head, and people are coming to me, rather than me chasing people! The blocks are released with my business and myself. I am now fully engaged, taking tangible steps and am filling the launch of my new program lineup.

Paige Stevensen, The Intuitive Advisor

Healing Families Touched by Depression

30% More Sales (in only 6 weeks!)

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what would happen when I booked with Mihai. The biggest issue that I was facing was the growth of my business and how I was going to scale it. I have been working towards building my business by taking courses, workshops, joining masterminds and have not reached that place quite yet.

We plowed straight through to the blocked issue which I have been working on for years. Mihai was able to help me work through the issue which has allowed me to finally move forward; as I had hoped for.

My increased sales of 30% in the 6 weeks after the session is in direct link to Mihai’s knowledge, passion and compassion to help make permanent change for his clients. I highly recommend working with Mihai to bring balance and abundance to your business and personal well-being.

Angie Bell

Spiritual Medium

Maximum Productivity!

Before we started working together I was a sleepy head. My physical body felt comatose and depressing. Others felt it too; I felt I had to pretend and put on a façade to function. I wanted to be active but instead had to take hours to rest.

The words during our sessions zeroed in on the parts that were stuck very accurately. I knew there had been a clearing that had happened through Mihai as a conduit and the Angels. After a single session I had great energy and was productive again. I looked forward to all actions during my day and had control over my body again!

Before our work I couldn’t have a phone conversation, couldn’t do computer work. Now I perform at my best.

Shar Dubas

Massive Change in Just 5 Minutes!

I have yet to see a session from Mihai fail to yield results. Mihai’s approach towards an imbalance of any  type, health, emotional, mental, is one of warmth, compassion and free of judgement.

Mihai has helped me to overcome a marijuana addiction of 8 years and also to release other destructive patterns that were holding me back from living the best version of my life.

Within 5 minutes of us meeting he was able to get an accurate glimpse of my blocks in health and far beyond in how I was structuring my life and business. He helped me improve essential life skills both in my business and relationships.

Brandon Lang

I went from despair and broken to holding my head up high. I had no direction AT ALL. I knew my decisions were not aligned with my purpose, I intuitively knew there was more. I went into the wrong job out of desperation and fear. Everything that was holding me back is now lifted and I feel like making my truth a reality.

I know exactly where to take my career and business.

This process changed my life. I feel different! What did you do? I no longer feel any of the pain of my childhood. This is the best money I’ve ever spent in my entire life.

Selena Kirsten

Mihai Andrei has a very special gift. Before our session, I knew there was something holding me back from achieving my full potential with my business. I had no idea what it was. Mihai was able to identify one of my blocks and released it within the first 30 minutes. The process was very simple, quick and powerful. I am really grateful for Mihai and I can now move forward with confidence that I am on track.

Nicki Chang-Powless

NCP Consulting Services

I am blessed and grateful to have discovered Qigong; this is what I need in this important stage of my life where I am to make major decisions. Practicing Qigong with Mihai allows me to feel more in flow with life and to have better clarity. I found in Mihai an awesome and wise teacher. I really enjoy Mihai’s reassuring and confident guidance during the sessions and very impressed by his vast knowledge of the discipline: he has an answer to any question I might throw at him. He also always has the right tip to improve my technique! I strongly encourage you to allow Mihai to show you the way in mastering this amazing discipline and discover the numerous benefits it has to offer.

Marc Tabet

“Mihai is a very gifted, intuitive healer and one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. As an Angel Empowerment Practitioner (AEP), Mihai uses Angel cards and intuition to tap into Angelic messages. During an Angel card reading with Mihai I was amazed and blessed to receive very clear, accurate messages. When I learned that Mihai is also an Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing (HOH) practitioner, out of curiosity I booked a session with him, even though I was skeptical if HOH really worked. It wasn’t long before my skepticism changed to amazement and then to belief. At the beginning of my initial session (after which I booked 3 more as I was so impressed!), Mihai asked what health concerns I would like to work on. What I didn’t think to add at the time was that I typically eat every 2 hours because my blood sugar level tends to be low. This sometimes even disrupts my sleep so I have to get up and have a snack before I can get back to sleep. During the 2nd or 3rd session, Mhai intuitively picked up on my difficulty with blood sugar regulation. Needless to say, I was amazed! Mihai then used HOH techniques to address this concern. It wasn’t long after that I started sleeping through the night without a snack! It’s now been about 6 months since my last HOH session and this incredible result has continued! Without hesitation, I highly recommend Mihai for both Hands on Healing sessions and Angel card readings. He is truly a gifted Light worker” 

Donna Duncan

With my complicated health situation, I have worked with many mainstream health providers as well as energy healers such as you. 

I experienced a severe sciatica event that lasted four months. This sciatica attack followed foot surgery. Being bedridden, on massive pain pills, and in despair, I had no idea what to do to help myself heal.

Your healing gifts were life changing for me. Wherever this pain seed had been planted, it required deep excavation to resolve it and our sessions seem to have reset my body significantly. 

Your clarity, awareness and confidence helped me tremendously to start calming down. The kind of pain I was in scared me badly.

I am not one to give up easily, but my feelings of uselessness, and a fearful conviction that the pain would never leave, were profound. I was in quite the dark tunnel. Your reassurance that I would be ok was helpful, though I admit I seriously doubted you.

During one of our sessions, you placed your hands on my shoulders and I experienced the most wondrous sensation. I felt love. Real love, flowing gently into my heart. My real heart, not just my chakra area. I recognized in that moment that I in fact had never felt real love before in my 60+ years of existence. Kind of illuminating, in more ways than one.

I still feel that sensation when I think about it, and every night, I call in to every cell of my body the unfoldment of that love vibration, to flow through every part of my being. Not knowing I had never really felt love, it was something like a miracle to have that taste of it. I will not forget it and I am replicating the joy and sending it out to everyone now.

It took a while to fully recover from the four months in bed, but I observed that my ability to recover from the latest of many extreme pain events was somehow enhanced. It was pretty awesome to experience, and I got a lot of feedback when I went out into the world that I was shining like never before.

Ashara Love