Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need prior experience with energy work?

Not at all. Some also expect they must be very flexible. Release this; I won’t ask you to do a pretzel pose. Everything we do is designed to begin with no prior experience.

I’m in a unique situation. Do you only work in groups or offer one-on-one?

The main program we offer, the Soul Purpose Accelerator, involves both one on one and group work and I sustain both as we’ve have found this yields the best support to get you results and ultimately more profit.

Is this process time consuming?

No; we work in Now energy. We are business owners, after all. We don’t spend 4 hours every day meditating under a tree either.

What if I feel I don’t even know my purpose?

It’s true that successful business owners pay large figures to figure out exactly what they are doing. We have a proven process to help you return to clarity on an intuitive level that goes deeper than the surface logic.

What if I already have a business? Are we starting over?

That’s fantastic and no, we won’t be starting over. We will adapt what you have now and bring it into closer alignment with you.

What if I’ve already taken self-development courses?

You realize the value and importance of investing in yourself. If you’ve struggled to get results in the past, then it’s possible we need to go to a deeper level to uncover why. For that you’re in the right place.

Do I need anything ready before working with you?

Nope! No matter the vision and scope, you are ready.

Do we cover business strategy or is this a motivational program?

Energy and motivation are important pieces of the… matrix. We don’t do “ra-ra!” sessions and also not pure logic-based strategy. Rather we help manifest a more profitable business, your consistent energy, and the clear plan of action from an intuitive direction.